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"The World of Islands"  multimedia collection is a virtual library, where you will find all kinds of supports, which topics are travel, tourism and/or islands : books, periodicals, cassettes, discs, talking books, video cassettes, CD, slides, CD-ROM, DVD, ...

Every selected title has an individual presentation index card where are indicated its  characteristics and its thematic, as well as where to buy or how to order it and if need be, the special offers reserved for "The World of Islands" Internet users.

A multi-supports search will enable you soon to make a general thematic search. In the meantime, the titles presented on the web site are classified by type of support :


Library : books, guides, collections, novels, encyclopedias, ...
Periodicals : magazines, newspapers, reports, ...
Audio library : compact discs, cassettes, talking books, ...
Digital and video library : videocassettes, DVD, CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, ...

If you are yourself, a publisher or a writer on tourism, travel or islands topics, you can register your book on the "World of Islands" web site. For that purpose, please send us an e-mail to marketing@world-of-islands.com .


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