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Tuesday , February 13, 2001.

Good morning,

After several months of pause, we send you a new newsletter, to herald the starting
of the new "The World of Islands" web site and the official floating of MDI International.
We also seize the opportunity, to thank you for your fidelity. All the "World
of Islands" team, thanks you for this.


1. What are "The World of Islands" and MDI International ?
2. The new "World of Islands" services.
3. Our services for the tourism professionals and the tourist authorities.
4. The special offers
5. Free brochures
6. "The World of Islands" newsletter
7. Questions & suggestions



MDI International is a communication, promotion and representation company, which
represent tourism authorities and the tourist industry of the islands, by the
general public and the travel professionals in France, in Europe and in the world.

MDI International  IS NOT a travel agency ! We take charge of your pre-bookings
by the professionals that we represent, but the payment will directly be made
by the professionals (most of the time, at the end of your stay). We are also
try to establish partnerships with travel agencies, in various countries, to
enable, to those that like it, to make their bookings by a partner travel agency,
in their home country.
We want to remain faithful to our first objective : help and inform, free of
charge, the travelers and every persons interested in the world of islands.

In some weeks, we shall open a free CALL CENTRE, that you would be able to reach,
not only by e-mail, but also by telephone, fax and postal mail. You would be
able to ask us for questions concerning islands and to request free brochures
and leaflets of our partners

At this time, you can contact us by e-mail : and by
fax : + 33 (0)3 90 204 506.


New services were added to the "World of Islands" web site.

Now, you can discover more than 3.000 ISLANDS, each with an individual identification
sheet. These index cards will be completed later, by a more detailed presentation
page of the island, with numerous practical information. In the meantime, you
can obtain all the needed information, like the coordinates of the tourist authorities,
by contacting us by e-mail : .

We have also developed, the means to find an island (alphabetical order, geographical
order, themes, ...). These means were also set up to find a professional on an
island. The number of participating professionals incrase and we shall not miss
to inform you, in the next issue of this newsletter, about the new professionals.

When you visit the web site, you will notice that numerous new sections have
been added. Regularly, these
sections will be updated with new articles.

Please, do not forget to discover, a new exclusive service of the "World of Islands"
: the free assistance and organization of your journeys on islands.

If you have suggestions for new sections or subjects that you would like see
developed on "The World of Islands", you can write to us to
. Thank you in advance.


If you are a professional on an island or if you have a property on an island,
various membership possibilities are proposed. To discover these possibilities,
please visit the pages which are dedicated to the professionals at the following
address or
you can contact us at .

New services are also offered to tour-operators and travel agencies (
). Especially, you can send us your travel offers concerning islands, that we
shall publish, free of charge, on our web site. For more information, please
contact us at

Specific services are also reserved to the journalists and the medias professionals
( ).
For more information, please contact us at .


At present, we work on a new data base, about travel offers on the islands, which
are offered by tour operators worldwide and by the professionals of the islands,
that we represent. To render these offers, more attractive, we try to obtain
advantages for the "World of Islands" Internet users. This data base is still
under construction, that's why you can not consult these offers, before some
days. We will inform you, by the mean of this newsletter, when these offers are

In the index cards of the professionals, "World of Islands" members, you will
be able to discover exclusive advantages, reserved for the web site visitors
(discounts, free nights, gifts, ...).


Our brochures request service is momentarily adjourned, as we reorganize this
service. Indeed, we wish to offer you a better service and to do so, we discuss
again with the different tourist authorities of the islands, so that you can
receive your brochures, as fast as possible. Furthermore, new destinations will
be added to the already available offers.


This newsletter informs you about novelties and changes, on "The World of Islands"
web site. The periodicity will be variable, according to the current events.
The newsletter will be sent at most once a week and at least once a month.

For the moment, this newsletter is sent in TEXT format, as many mail systems
do not accept the HTML format. Nevertheless, the HTML format would render this
newsletter more attractive and more interactive. That is why, we would offer
the choice between these two formats.
If you want to receive the next issue of this newsletter, in HTML format, please
send an e-mail to, with "HTML" in the subject
field and the following information : your last and first name, your e-mail and
the chosen language (French, English or German).
On the contrary, if you want to receive the newsletter in TEXT format (as now),
you have to do nothing. This one will be sent to you automatically.


Please, do not hesitate to ask us your questions about islands. We would be glad
to answer them or to give you the coordinates of someone, who would be able to
help you.

Furthermore, all your comments and suggestions about the new "World of Islands"
web site or this newsletter, will be welcome.

You can send your inquiries and your suggestions to

Thank you to take the time to read the new "World of Islands" newsletter.

Hope to see you soon, on "The World of Islands" web site.

Sebastien HEINRICH
The World of Islands

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