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 "The World of Islands" office would be an intermediary between the consumer and you. Consumers will be able to get all the information about their chosen destination, while at the same time discovering new destinations they might not have considered before. In addition, by bringing together all the useful information in one single location (those provided by the tourism authorities and those offered by the local tourist industry), the office will become a crucial address for consumers preparing island vacations, all the more so since these services are and will remain free for consumers.



"The World of Islands" office : the nuts and bolts

"The World of Islands" is a marketing, advertising and communications agency in France and in Europe. 

This Islands Promotion Office, to be called "THE WORLD OF ISLANDS", or MDI International, exist on internet. This enable us to reach a large number of consumers in both France and abroad, particularly in Europe. This website is accessible in 3 languages : French, English and German.

However, from the word go, consumers and tourism professionals could contact us by e-mail, telephone, fax and mail.

The office function as a classic tourism marketing and public relations office. It provide consumers and European professionals with appropriate information. 

This office is in Strasbourg, the capital of the European Union. The Pan-European orientation of this city makes it the perfect location in which to install an office of this type to promote the islands both in France and Europe. In addition, the city's central location, close to Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium, makes it convenient to most of the residents of the European Union.



Services to be offered by "The World of Islands"

The services offered by "The  World of Islands", can be broken down into 2 categories :

  • PROMOTION & MARKETING : This is the office's primary mission. It will be accomplished in various manners, the most important of which are as follows :

  • A detailed tri-lingual description of your property on our website, according to a standardized format. This presentation will be made on 1 page in each language, 6 pictures, a link towards your website and your contact information. The contents can be modified at any time on your request.

  • The mailing of your brochures and booklets (except postage costs) to the visitors who order them ; or the forwarding of these orders to your office in the country from which the request originated (if such an office exists).

  • Immediate reply by e-mail, telephone, fax, mail to queries from individuals and assistance for their travel planning.

  • Pre-booking processing. (Please see how it works)

  • Contacting and helping tour-operators and travel agents promote your property and activity, with all the available supporting material.


  • "Premium +" membership : A whole website of 5 pages in each language, with an unlimited number of images. Website maintenance and minor update of the content at any time.


Sample presentation page
Sample presentation page (continuation)
Sample presentation page (continuation)
Sample presentation page (end)


  • PUBLIC RELATIONS : some examples :

  • Handling relations with the print and television press.

  • Taking part in tourism fairs and other general public events.

  • General newsletter for individuals (more than 3,000 subscribers).

  • Journalists newsletter.

  • Tour-operators, travel agents and travel professionals newsletter (more than 1,000 subscribers)..

  • Advertising campaigns in the frame of "The World of Islands".

  • Unlimited publication of your press releases and special offers.

  • .....


Sample rates sheet
Sample rates sheet (continuation)
Sample rates sheet (continuation)
Sample rates sheet (end)


ADDITIONAL SERVICES : We stay at your disposal for any additional marketing and representation services, which can be handled by us. As examples :

  • Individual advertising campaigns, involving any of various media (direct mail, print, TV media...)

  • Translation of your brochures and booklets into French and German.

  • Individual mailing address in the form of a P.O.B.

  • Dedicated telephone line or Toll Free number.

  • Additional web page.

  • A staff member of MDI International working only for your island (part-time or full-time).

  • ....

Please, do not hesitate to tell us about your needs, we shall send you a free estimate. 

According to your needs, we can also assure the functions of General Sales Agent (GSA) in France and\or in Europe. About this service, please contact us directly.

Sample brochure order form



The Special Offers program and "The Islands Club"

To facilitate the marketing and entice the customers towards your property, we would like to offer, to the customers who would make a pre-booking through the " World of Islands", a discount or any other promotional gift. For example, you can offer a T-shirt, flowers, a meal, an excursion, a welcome cocktail, free nights, gadgets, discounts, special rate, ...

The experience shows that a simple action, at least coast, can make the difference and retain the customers, even to gain new customers by word-of-mouth advertising.

Nevertheless, the "Special offers" are not an obligation. You can choose to participate or not, in this promotional program. Furthermore, you can decide to stop the offer at any time, to modify it or to limit it in the time.

Immediately after the floating of "The Islands Club" membership card, these Special Offers will be also offered to the members, who can benefit from these advantages. 




Participation fees

The costs of the "Premium" membership were established, according to the property type, per year and in Euro : 

The fees for the "Premium +" membership is indicated for the 1st year - For the following years, the amount of the subscription will be the same as the "Premium" membership, more the website hosting costs (35 Euro per year).


  "Premium" "Premium +"
Bed & Breakfast / Guest house (up to 5 rooms)
95 Euro
(ca. 103 USD)*
330 Euro
(ca. 356 USD)*
Bed & Breakfast / Guest house (more than to 5 rooms)
130 Euro
(ca. 140 USD)*
370 Euro
(ca. 399 USD)*
Single apartment
95 Euro
(ca. 103 USD)*
330 Euro
(ca. 356 USD)*
Apartments (2 and more) (fees per apartment)
80 Euro
(ca. 86 USD)*
Please contact us
Villa / Cottage
95 Euro
(ca. 103 USD)*
330 Euro
(ca. 356 USD)*
Villas / Cottages (2 and more) (fees per villa)
80 Euro
(ca. 86 USD)*
Please contact us
Other accommodation Please contact us
Other professionals Click here
* Exchange rates : 03/03/2003

Include in the fees : all the services detailed above.

Not include in the fees : the postage expenses ; travel expenses when staff members of MDI International are requested by yourself, to visit the island ; all the expenses of implementation, realization, maintenance or quite other expenditure related to the additional services, not mentioned in the Associate membership package above.

A personalized contract will be sent to you at the same time as your invoice !



Membership special offers

- If you register several properties or companies, we offer you at least a discount of 20 %.

- Affiliation : If you sponsor another professional or property owner, we offer you 3 months of subscription. If you sponsor 2 professionals or property owners, we offer you 6 months of subscription et cetera, without limitation !




PRE-BOOKING : Every day many potential clients visit "The World of Islands" Web site. They may also pre-reserve your accommodation via a specific pre-reservation form. The pre-reservation will be handled as follows: 

1. The client sends his pre-reservation.

2. We respond immediately to the client to inform it that its pre-reservation will be handled.

3. We forward a double of the request to you. This request could be translated, according to the language used by the customer and that which you selected (English, French or/and German).

4. You respond as soon as possible to confirm or refuse the pre-reservation request (we insist on the necessity of a quick reply). With the confirmation, you transmit us a reservation number.

5. We confirm to the customer by transmitting him, his reservation number and the reservation policy.

6. The customer will have 72 hours to confirm his reservation.

7. His reservation will reach you directly, according to the policy which you will have chosen to apply.

8. This pre-reservation is entirely FREE for you and for the customer !

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