These hot deals are offered by travel agencies and tour operators worldwide. But they are also proposed by the professionals, the privates and the tourist information offices on the islands, which give us often exclusive offers.

To consult the "Special Offers", we supply various selection ways :

  • By destination : You can select the island or the geographic area of your choice, to obtain the list of the offers in this region.
  • By departure place : indeed, "The World of Islands" is an international website and it can be useful to know the departure place. When an offer is proposed without transportation, the country of departure, will be that of the island.
  • By themes : for example: "Air + Hotel" ; "Villa & Apartments to rents" ; "Organized tours" ; "Fitness" ; "Honeymoon Special" ; "Diving" ; ....
  • By travel budget : you can select the offers according to your budget. You can select your budget between 7 currencies : Euro, US dollar, Canadian dollar, French franc, Switzerland franc, German mark and British pound.


We have also set up an advanced search form, which enables you to look for our offers by combining the criteria according to your choice.

You will also be able to consult all "Special Offers", classified alphabetically by island.

Finally, we have also a free service for you : the custom-made journeys (service temporarily unavailable), an exclusivity reserved for the " World of Islands" visitors.

If you are a travel agent, a tour operator or a travel professional on an island, you can send us your "Special Offers" which we shall publish on these pages. 

To add your offers, please click here




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