SANSIBAR (Tansania)

10. Januar 2003

This Public Announcement is issued to alert Americans to the potential for terrorist actions on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. This Public Announcement expires on May 12, 2003.

The Department of State has received information that a terrorist group may be planning an attack on an unspecified location frequented by Westerners on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. This may include restaurants, clubs or hotels. American citizens visiting Zanzibar or other near-by coastal locations in Tanzania are cautioned to take appropriate measures and carefully evaluate their security posture.

U.S. citizens are urged to register and to update their contact information with the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam. American citizens overseas may contact the American Citizen Services unit of the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania by telephone at [255](22)266-6010 or via email at for up-to-date information on security conditions.

Bureau of Consular Affairs of the United States of America




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