12. April 2003

Tourist travel to Haiti should be avoided until further notice. Canadians should not travel to Haiti unless they have critical or compelling business or family reasons. Civil and political instability persists. Demonstrations occur frequently in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere and have led to acts of violence and disorder, resulting in deaths and injuries. Criminal activity continues to increase throughout the country, and foreigners have been targeted. Personal safety cannot be guaranteed by local authorities. Canadians who decide to travel to Haiti despite this warning should monitor local news reports and exercise extreme caution at all times.

Kidnappings are frequent in Haiti. The vast majority of victims are Haitian business people, but there have been kidnappings involving Canadians and other foreign nationals, including missionaries, aid workers, and children. Individuals with business interests in Haiti appear to be the main target. Most victims have been released after paying large ransoms. In some cases, victims have disappeared or been killed. Canadians currently residing in Haiti, particularly those with business interests, should assess their need to be in the country. Due to a very high level of criminal activity, the city of Gonaïves should currently be considered a high-risk area and Canadians living in or around the city are strongly urged to reconsider their need to remain there.

Roads in the cities and major north-south routes are often blocked by barricades. Roadblocks in the provinces make it difficult or impossible to travel in certain areas. Regions of particular concern include Gonaïves, Petit-Goâve, and Cap-Haïtien. However, problems have also occurred in Jérémie, Miragoâne, Hinche, and elsewhere. Travellers may also be unable to enter the Dominican Republic due to border closures or to roadblocks en route to border crossings.
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade



 26. März 2003

We advise against all holiday and other non-essential travel to Haiti because of the general threat to personal security. The threat from terrorism is low.
Foreign & Commonwealth Office London



 25. März 2003

Es wird dringend vor Reisen nach Haiti gewarnt.

Die Sicherheitslage in der Hauptstadt Port-au-Prince und im Lande ist weiterhin kritisch. Im ganzen Land herrscht Spannung. Auch kurzfristig könnte es erneut zu gewalttätigen Demonstrationen kommen.

Die Erreichbarkeit und Funktion des Flughafens in Port-au-Prince ist nicht immer sichergestellt. Kurzfristig errichtete Straßensperren können den Verkehr in der Stadt lahm legen. In kritischen Situationen, in denen sich Reisende mit schwerer Gewaltkriminalität konfrontiert sehen können, ist auf die Sicherheitskräfte kein Verlass.

Deutsches Auswärtiges Amt



 18. Dezember 2002

Depuis la mi-novembre 2002, on constate un regain d'agitation et de troubles dans les princiapales villes de province ainsi qu'à Port-au-Prince. Dans ce contexte, il est préférable de remettre à plus tard tout déplacement non indispensable.
Ministère Français des Affaires Étrangères




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