The traveler First-aid kit


Caution : Before any journeys, please take medical advice. The doctor will better be able to inform you about the risks incurred in your travel region.

We also advise to tell about your travel place, with your pharmacist. So, he will be able to inform you about the most effective cosmetics and drugs (especially, for products such as sun lotions or mosquito repellents).



You will find below, the list of the cosmetics and the drugs which should be in all traveler First-aid kits. This First-aid kit will enable you to solve the greater part of the risks, with which you could be confronted.

It is nevertheless necessary to adapt this list, according to the type of journeys (destination, length, condition), because in most of the cases, all the products are not necessary.

Bandages and first-aid materials

  • elastoplasts, adhesives bandages ;
  • strapping ;
  • sterile compresses ;
  • hypoallergenic dressings ;
  • tourniquet, scissors, tweezers ;
  • Disposable syringes and needles ;
  • cotton wool, surgical spirit, antiseptics... ;
  • antiseptic cream  ;
  • thermometer (digital) ;
  • safety pins ;
  • adhesives sutures ;
  • antiseptic gauze ;
  • anti-pruruginous ointment.


Cosmetic and hygienic products :

  • condoms ;
  • total sun block ;
  • mosquito repellent ;
  • hydroclonazone (disinfectant for drinking water) ;
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses ;
  • hat (broad-brimmed) ;
  • toilet paper (a rare commodity in third-world countries) ;
  • wristwatch (a second one may be useful for diabetics) ;
  • ear plugs.
  • sanitary towels - sanitary napkins


Medication (to be discussed with your doctor)

  • mild sleeping pills ;
  • urinary antiseptics ;
  • antidiarrhoeics ;
  • laxatives ;
  • antalgics ;
  • antispasmodics ;
  • antipyretics ;
  • antihistaminic ;
  • antimalarials ;
  • antibiotics ;
  • eye-drops (antiseptic, antiallergic) ;
  • antiemetics (travel sickness) ;
  • oral rehydration salts (WHO recommendation ; can be prepared by yourself: 6 level coffee spoons of sugar and 1/2 coffee spoon of salt in 1 liter of drinking water) ;
  • ear drops.

Caution : important advises :

  • Verify that you have with you your usual medication in sufficient quantity for the entire duration of the stay, and even a little over in case of a delayed return home (contraceptive pills, insulin...).
  • Ask your doctor for a medical certificate, if your current medication includes opium or its derivatives or if you are transporting syringes and needles for medical reasons.
  • Consult your dentist to leave your home, with healthy teethes. 
  • Do not forget your International Vaccination Card.
  • Provide yourself with your blood group card.
  • Underwrite a sanitary repatriation insurance.




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