What to do in case of dispute with a professional of the tourist industry ?



To take a step by mutual agreement should be your first reflex in case of dispute with the various travel professionals.

Get in touch with the professional

The first step to be token, is to contact the professional or its customer service, either by telephone, or by making an appointment, to discuss the problem and the possible keys. 

If the professional does not accept this appointment, and even, he attempt to persuade you that you have no right of any redresses, do not rub it in and prepare your complaint in writing.

The complaint letter

If your step by phone or if your appointment with the professional does not succeed, or if you prefer the mail alternative, send him your complaints by registered letter with acknowledgment of reception. Please , do not forget to maintain a copy of this letter.

Three essential points should appear in this letter :

  • A detailed statement of your discomforts.
  • Request a compensation for the prejudices.
  • The delay for the answer.
If you have the act of law, relative to your problem, do not hesitate to include them in your letter.
For example : if your luggage are lost and anew found during an air travel, which compels you to buy some personal goods, you can ask for application of the article 19 of the Warsaw Convention (for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air) : " Article 19: The carrier is liable for damage occasioned by delay in the carriage by air of passengers, luggage or goods".

The assistance of a consumers organization

If your various steps remains fruitless, you can ask for the help of consumers organization, which can try a new step by mutual agreement. You can moreover contact them, to help you to write your complaint letter.

The interference of such an organization can very often resolve the disputes by mutual agreement, even after the set-back of your individual steps.

To obtain the coordinates of consumers organizations in your region or your country, you can contact "Consumers International", which supports, links and represents consumer groups and agencies all over the world :

24, Highbury Crescent
London N5 1RX
United Kingdom
Tel : + 44 171 226 6663
Fax : + 44 171 354 0607

If in spite of all these steps, no mutual agreement can be found, you can seize a court of justice, to assert your rights.




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