The form below, intended mainly for the geographers, allows to obtain the list of islands according to their latitude and their longitude

The longitude should be registered in the following way : 145.35° W or 002.60° E ; the latitude is registered : 82.32° S. or 00.56° N

Warning ! Please , do not forget that you need necessarily 5 digits for the longitude and 4 digits for the latitude.

If you wish to discover all the islands being on a given longitude, just indicate twice the longitude and register 00.00° S and 85.00° N in the "Latitude" fields.

If on the contrary,  you wish to obtain the list of islands being situated on a given latitude, you need to indicate twice the chosen latitude and to register 000.00° W and 180.00° E, in the "Longitude" fields.

Warning ! For technical reasons, it is not possible to obtain limited results either in the East or in the West for the longitude, or in the South and the North for the latitude. It is nevertheless imperative to indicate the abbreviation of the direction, in the search fields.


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